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Playstation PS2

Playstation PS2
Junior Scrabble

Junior Scrabble®

Welcome to the Online Mode, the place where you can play Scrabble® with other Scrabble® 2007 Edition owners over the Internet on
You can also communicate or chat with other remote players, and display information on players who are currently connected to
You can play in Online in Classical Mode (up to 4 players) and in Duplicate( up to 16 players)

> Note: Playing an Internet game requires a 56.6 Kbps or faster modem/direct connection.


Starting an Online Game on
Click on the Online in the online room.
Then you have to connect to with one of available accounts or create one.

Lobby system
When you connect to, you will find 4 lobbies for SCRABBLE Standard, Duplicate for both novice and advanced. You can join one of them and create a game or join one.

Rated/Unrated games Online
You can play rated or unrated games in the Online mode. So, you have a separate rating for Online (duplicate and Standard) and Solo. You can view your stats in your Profile box.

www.ubi.comPEGI 12+

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